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Welcome to the Louisiana Broadband Initiative website. This website provides information on the state's effort to ensure every Louisiana citizen - from Cajun Country to the Delta Region, from the Red River Parishes to the Crescent City, and all points in between - has access to affordable, high-speed broadband service.

Today, only about 2 out of 3 Louisiana households have broadband internet (66.3%) and only 35% of our small businesses have websites to promote the products and services they sell. In this age of fast-paced, technological information exchange, these low rates of adoption and use suggest that our citizens and businesses are in danger of falling behind. It is our hope that the information provided on this website will educate and engage our citizens and entrepreneurs, so we can all share in the benefits of the Digital Age.

Curious to see where broadband is available?

The interactive Louisiana Broadband Map allows you to see the broadband service offerings for any valid address in the State. Broadband availability, provider names, and advertised broadband speeds are just some of the information available to map users. It's a great place to start if you are interested in connecting your household to broadband for the first time or in upgrading your service.

The Louisiana Broadband Map Gallery is a collection of maps that show the different types of broadband that are available on a statewide level. Do you want to see a statewide snapshot of where cable broadband is available? Just choose the Cable map out of the gallery. Do the same for fiber, fixed wireless,DSL and more.

The National Broadband Map will allow you to see the broadband service offerings that are available to any address in the United States. Maybe you are considering a move to a city in another state - the National Broadband Map is a reliable resource to provide you with accurate broadband availability information throughout the nation.

The National Broadband Map Gallery is a collection of interactive maps that allow you to see different broadband availability criteria first on a national basis, while allowing you to zoom in on an area of interest, such as a city, state or region.